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How To Get Higher Paying Process Server Clients?

Hire Lance to help you develop a local marketing plan for your process server business.  Process Server Keyword Research, Process Server Websites, Process Server Local Marketing, Process Server Directory Listings, Process Server SEO,


My name is Lance Casey and I am a private investigator and process server in California.  I help process servers get their own higher paying clients and not depend on low paying jobs from the major process server companies.


I’m working a process server companies who is only paying me 16 to 18 dollars per order. They want me to keep going back up to 7 times to reach these people. Is that normal?? I’ve already wasted my gas and time and the measly 16 bucks going to them 3 times. How can I get higher paying serve jobs?

This was posted on one of my social media posts from a frustrated process server.

My consultation is one on one via Zoom.  We will work together to create a marketing plan to get your process server business to show up on the top of local searches for process servers.

This image is an example of making it to the top of local search for process server Carmichael

process server advertising consultation

These listings all ring to my process server phone number.

Questions:  Connect with me on WhatsApp

You are able to use the marketing strategy with any business.  The steps are the same to market a process server business, notary public business, mobile detailing business

Our consultation will be online via Zoom.  I will contact you via email  after your purchase to schedule our meeting.


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