One Page Website

$ $24
/ Per month
  • $199 Set up fee. Includes a one page web site with a contact form. Your contact information will be included on the page.

Multi-Page Website

$ 100 / Per month
  • Basic Website Design - $1,500
  • Includes the following pages (Home, Services, About Us, & Contact Us)
  • Each additioonal page $250
  • Intergrated SEO

Best Process Server Niche

$ 250 / Per month
  • Want someone to guide you on how to find a process server niche. SEO, Keyword lists

How Much Money Do You Make From Your Process Server Websites?

I spend most of my process server advertising & process server marketing efforts on local niche marketing.  I focus on ranking for local keywords in Google search results.

Example:  Search "CSC Lawyers Incorporating Service in 2710 Gateway Oaks Drive Sacramento Ca" in Google.




This search was conducted in incognito.  Here are the results.

process server website

My process server website shows up #1 in Google Search results.


Here are phone screenshots of my daily square credit card transactions.

niche marketing business studies



niche marketing business studies
niche marketing business studies

How to launch process server marketing?

  1. Find a local process service niche.

  2. Build a process server wordpress website targeting your process server niche.

  3. Promote your process server website via Facebook, Youtube videos, process server seo, process server seo keywords, and paid advertising.

Best process server niche tips

I build multiple wordpress websites when I am attempting to dominate the google search results.  Here is a video of how I make process server wordpress websites.

Process Server WordPress Website

process server website
Click Photo to visit the actual website.


Process server websites with order forms



Process server website design



Process server website templates