How To Make A Youtube Marketing Video in Sacramento

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How To Market Your Local Business With Videos?

I am a Sacramento Process Server and one of my niches is to deliver corporate documents to the California Secretary of State.  I have several websites targeting keywords around Sacramento Secretary of State Filing Service.

Website List:


How Do I Film My Videos?

I use my cell phone camera, my webcam and a small camcorder to make my local marketing videos.  I made the videos on this page from my cell phone camera.

How Do I Edit My Videos?

I will upload the videos from my cell phone to my Google drive, download the video from my camcorder or record the webcam to my computers hard drive.  I will then import the video into my video editing software.

What Video and Photo Editing Software Do I use?

  • I use Pinnacle studios to edit my videos.
  • I use Paint 3D to edit my photos.

Where Do You Upload Your Marketing Videos?

I upload my videos to Youtube, Facebook & LinkedIn.

Each Video will require the following:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Links

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My video was ranking on page 2 of Google search within 30 minutes of uploading it to youtube.

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