Do Process Server Marketing Letters Work?

No, Read The Article To Find Out Why I Say That.

I am a Sacramento Ca Process server and I am a member of a Facebook Group for process servers.  Someone in group asked the following question.

So for those that do marketing letters, when you find a large skyscraper building with a dozen different law offices, is it kosher to walk to each one to drop a flier? I always feel like I’m gonna get run off by building security.

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process server marketing letters

The process server marketing letter sample above resulted in local process server clients.  I would send this letter to small claims court filers in Sacramento California.  I would visit the courthouse each day and record the plaintiff’s contact information.  I would send the above marketing letter for process servers to the plaintiff.  I would also send a text message to each plaintiff.

process server marketing letters

I teach process servers how to get clients from their local small claims court.  

I Do Not Send Process Server Marketing Letters.

I have dropped off business cards, marketing letters ect to over 100 law firms in Sacramento. Not one call.

I had better luck when I used LinkedIn to connect with local attorneys and paralegals. Then drop off your business card with then and follow up with message in LinkedIn.

Don’t waist you time doing this. Pay for Google adwords advertising. Here is why I say that.

How much are you worth per hour? Lets say I need at least $25 per hour for my process server services. I spend 4 hours per day visiting law firms and dropping off cards and flyers.

So you spent $100 of your labor passing out flyers to people who may or may not be ready to hire you.

Not only are you working for free, you have less time for serving people.

Spend that $100 per day with a Google adwords campaign. Yes I said $100 per day. Your campaign may not spend that much each day but your add will appear to people nationwide who are looking for a process server in your area.

You only pay when someone clicks on your add. The cost for this click could range from .25 cents to $7.

Lets assume your average cost is $5 per click. This means you could have 20 people click to call your business.

How many calls could you convert into customers?

I would rather have people who are actively searching online for a process server in my area than to pass out business cards.

All of my process serving clients find me online.

One of my process server phone numers

How Many Process Server Calls Did You Get Last Month?

I have multiple telephone numbers for my process serving business.

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